Establishing the world's most extensive network for intelligence identity and financial interactions
Opinion Labs is sculpting a new reality - an economy where opinions are not just shared, but heard, valued and owned. We are on a mission to build the world‘s most expansive opinion identity and financial network - an omnipresent social infrastructure that values human opinions through the power of blockchain, cryptography and AI.
The Intersection of Technology and Opinion
Opinion Labs is reshaping digital interaction, placing the value of human opinions at the forefront of a new social paradigm. Starting with first Entertainment DApp, AlphaOrBeta, the first dynamic opinion and continuous prediction market, our aim is to offer a seamless experience across both native and interconnected chain applications, ensuring that every voice is not only acknowledged but also valued.
We're starting with something fun
The 1st Permissionless Consensus-driven Entertainment DApp.
AlphaOrBeta OPINION (public beta): Revolutionizing the digital landscape as the first dynamic opinion market, this entertainment DApp transcends traditional index trading by enabling users to invest, trade, and value perspectives across entertainment, sports, technology, politics and more. It champions every voice, emphasizing the value of diverse opinions, irrevocably safeguarded by blockchain, and woven into the global Web3 ecosystem. Create, trade, and protect opinions on any topic, making every voice not just heard but valued.
Then getting serious
The 1st fully decentralized continuous prediction market
This innovation expands the horizon of prediction markets, integrating social engagement with the foresight of tomorrow. It crafts a unique arena where predictions earn recognition and rewards, capturing the dynamic essence of public sentiment. Our aim is to anchor humanity's forward-looking perspectives onto the blockchain, shaping a future informed by collective intelligence.
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2023 Q4
AlphaOrBeta Mainnet Test
2024 Q1
AlphaOrBeta OPINION Beta Test
2024 Q2
AlphaOrBeta PREDICTION Closed Beta Test
2024 Q3
AlphaOrBeta Universal Scale
2024 Q4
Opinion Labs: The Borderlands
2025 Q1
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